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2016 Michigan On-site Wastewater Conference Thank You 
We would like to thank everyone that made the 2016 Michigan Onsite Wastewater Conference a definite success!! None of this would be possible without the generous donation of your time & hard work!
All the attendees, without you there wouldn’t be a conference.
MOWC Committee for organizing an excellent line-up of classes.
Co-Chair Joel Kwiatkowski                      Co-Chair Bill Gregory
Treasurer Mark Scott                                Secretary Chanin Frank
Randy Rapp                                               Dale Ladouceur
Dave Cotton                                               Matt Campbell
Greg Braun                                                Dan Milan
Larry Stephens                                          Misty DeJonghe
Ralph Bailey                                              James Rabine
The registration & CSE volunteers who made it all look easy.
Chanin Frank                                             Ralph Bailey 
Jim Rabine                                                 Bill Gregory
Greg Braun                                                Matt Rockhold
Tula Ngasala                                              Camille McCall
Julie Kreh                                                  Dean Kreh   
Jay Brendel                                                Carol Souza                     
Dervin Witmer                                            Ray Daniels                     
Betty Daniels                                              Wayne Stenberg
Chris Sloan                                                Shawn Sloan
Sandy Sloan                                              Alicia Hall
The volunteers who helped to make the MSTA Banquet a fun time for all.
Master of Ceremonies Ken Goike               MSTA President Dave Snyder
MSTA VP Joe Hall                                      MSTA Treasurer Rick Throop    
MSTA Secretary Joe Williams                    Director Ray Daniels
Director Chris Sloan                                   Director Ralph Bailey
A special thank you to our Guests of Honor. 
Senator Darwin Booher                               Senator Tom Casperson
Representative Peter Pettalia                      Representative Julie Plawecki
Representative Bruce Rendon                    Representative Joel Johnson
Representative Triston Cole & Stacy          Clerk Joy Brewer
We would like to extend a big thank you to the Kellogg Center staff for the outstanding job they did in taking care of us.
We also want to extend our appreciation & thanks to all the vendors who help to support the conference. You are a large part of our success.
MSTA Board of Directors
Executive Officer Chanin Frank
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2016-04-01 RSVP Deadline Spring Board Meeting

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